How do I paste text from a Microsoft Word document to a text box?

Note: In the most recent version of the Rich Text Editor, Word-specific tags are removed automatically when copied text is pasted into the editor.

Copy the text from Word.

Copy the text in your MS Word document to your computer's clipboard (CTRL-C - PC or COMMAND-C - MAC).

In the Rich Text Editor, click the Paste From Word icon.

This displays the Paste From Word dialog box.

Paste the text.

Paste the text.

Paste (CTRL-V -PC or COMMAND-V - MAC) the Word Document text into the Paste From Word dialog box.

Click OK.

Click OK.

This displays the MS Word text in the text box. Click OK to add the text to the page.

View Word content in the editor.

The pasted content will now appear in the Rich Text Editor and you may edit it there to display the desired formatting.