How do I control site access?

Go to Site Info.

Go to Site Info.

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Manage Access.

Select your Site Status (i.e published or unpublished).

Published sites are available to all site participants.  If the site is left as draft, or unpublished, only instructors/site owners may access it.

Designate additional access.

You may also allow other users to access your site according to their authentication origin or role. These users can access your site without being enrolled.

Site Visibility.

If site visibility is set to Display in public site list, all people with access to the Sakai system may search for your site from the Worksite Setup tool.  If set to Private, your site will not show up in a search.

Select your Global Access setting.

In most cases, site owners keep the default value for Limited to whom I add manually, or through automatic roster updates. This will restrict enrollment to people that you add or that are enrolled automatically from your institution's registration system.

If the site is set to Display in public site list (above) AND the option Allow anyone to join the site with valid login id is selected, anyone in your system may search for and join your site.