How do I add forum topics to a Lessons page?

Instructors may add links to site activities (i.e. Assignments, Forums, Test & Quizzes) on Lessons pages.

Note: These links will automatically update to maintain links to published activities if you copy your course content to a new site, as long as you do not change the name of the activity. However, you will need to publish your activities in the new site for the links to become active.

Go to Lessons.

Go to Lessons.

Click on the Lessons Page Title (e.g. Unit 4) in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The default or blank Lessons page contains text and images that explain the basic functionality of the Lessons tool.

Click Add Content, then Link to a forum or topic.

From the Add Content drop-down menu, select Link to a forum or topic.

Select a forum or topic from the list of existing topics.

Select a forum or topic from the list of existing topics.

Note: You can also select  the Create new topic using Forums link to and create a new topic in the Forums tool. See How do I add a new topic? for more information.

Click Use Selected Item.

Click Use Selected Item.

View topic link on the page.

The page will now display a link to the topic.

Click Edit. (Optional)

Add a description for the topic, then click Update Item.

View updated item.

Updating returns the display to the Lessons page with a link to the topic and a description.